Does Pellet Litter Hurt Your Cat’s Paws?

Cat paws sticking out of box

Generally, pellet litter won’t hurt your cat’s paws. However, senior cats, large cats, declawed cats, and cats with a variety of other medical conditions may have extra-sensitive paws. For them, a litter with a finer texture is recommended — even if your cat doesn’t show any signs of discomfort.  Some Cats Will Experience Pain with … Read more

Does Wood Pellet Cat Litter Smell? How Does it Manage Odor?

Pine branches on top of wood pellets

Wood pellet cat litter has a mild, natural smell, best described as warm and earthy. Pine pellets will smell crisp and sweet, like Christmas pine trees. Cedar pellets smell woodsy and smoky, like pencil shavings. The exact scent will vary depending on the type of wood. Their mild, natural scent and natural antimicrobial properties place … Read more

Can You Put a Litter Box on Carpet?

Cat in litter box on carpet

A litter box should not be placed on carpet, at least as long as you have an option. Tracked litter and litter dust can spread harmful pathogens that will thrive in carpeting. Urine and ammonia odors are difficult, if not impossible, to remove from carpet and rugs. But in reality, it’s not always possible to … Read more

5 Ways to Dispose of Cat Litter Without Plastic Bags

Reducing our plastic consumption is key to reducing our carbon footprint and stopping climate change. Unfortunately, cleaning our cat’s litter box creates a lot more plastic waste than most of us realize. Here are five ways to dispose of cat poop without using plastic bags (or using a lot less): The Problem with Plastic Plastic … Read more

Wood Pellet Litter vs Clumping – the Hidden Dangers of Clumping Litter

Cute gray and white kitten in litter box with pellets

When comparing paper, pine, or wood pellet litter vs clumping litter, pellets are a much safer choice. Clumping agents like sodium bentonite pose health risks to cats and humans alike. Non-clumping pellets are a safe, eco-friendly alternative to clay cat litter. Clumping litter may be harmful to your cat Clumping agents are designed to bind … Read more