Can You Mix Different Types of Cat Litter?

Kitten sitting in front of covered litter box

While mixing two types of cat litter is perfectly safe, there’s usually no good reason to do so. Inconsistency in litter routine can be stressful for cats, and may lead to unwanted behaviors. Mixing clumping and non-clumping litter will make each work less effectively. It’s best to find a litter that you and your cat … Read more

Can You Have a Cat Without a Litter Box?

Black cat digging

If you’re considering going litter box-free, there are two common methods — toilet training and outdoor potty training. Toilet training isn’t recommended, as it goes against a cat’s instincts to bury their waste and is potentially harmful to wildlife. Outdoor litter training is a much better option, though it may still be best to keep … Read more

Can I Put Two Litter Boxes Next to Each Other?

Blue litter scoop on top of trash can

When litter boxes are placed too close together, your cats will view them as though they’re a single territory. To avoid conflict and unwanted behavior, you’ll still need to provide at least one litter territory per cat, plus one extra. Provide enough litter territory for your cats. Cats don’t really like sharing, especially when it … Read more