7 Healthy, Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Pellet Cat Litter

Cat sitting in nature

If your cat doesn’t care for pellet litter, there are several healthy, eco-friendly, plant-based alternatives available. Wood fiber and granular paper litter being the most similar to their pellet equivalents. With other natural materials like corn, grass, wheat, walnut, and tofu also making great alternatives. Wood Fiber Litter If your cat isn’t a big fan … Read more

5 Ways to Dispose of Cat Litter Without Plastic Bags

Reducing our plastic consumption is key to reducing our carbon footprint and stopping climate change. Unfortunately, cleaning our cat’s litter box creates a lot more plastic waste than most of us realize. Here are five ways to dispose of cat poop without using plastic bags (or using a lot less): The Problem with Plastic Plastic … Read more

How to Compost Cat Litter

Cat standing on wood compost bin wall

Composting is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of biodegradable cat litter. It reduces the amount of waste we send to our landfills and creates a nutrient-rich humus that can be used to nourish ornamental plants. But it’s not as simple as composting yard waste or food scraps. Can You Compost Cat Litter? Some … Read more