Paper Litter for Cats After Surgery

Gray cat wearing cone

Paper litter is commonly recommended for cats following surgery, including spays and neuters, and for cats with burns and other open sores. Because paper litter is virtually dust-free, it greatly reduces the risk of infection from litter dust contacting the incision or wound.  Why paper litter after surgery? Following surgery, your vet will give a … Read more

Making the Switch to Paper Cat Litter

Black cat sitting on stack of papers

When making the switch to paper litter, a slow transition is best for most cats. Cats are creatures of habit. Sudden changes, especially to food and litter routines, can be very upsetting.  The consistency, scent, and texture of paper litter will be drastically different from what your cat is used to — especially when transitioning … Read more

Is Paper Cat Litter Flushable?

Cute toilet setup with plant and pink wall

Though paper cat litter is often advertised as flushable, it’s not recommended to do so. Flushing cat litter can clog or damage pipes and septic systems. Flushed cat waste can spread harmful pathogens, like the harmful parasite Toxoplasma gondii. Soiled cat litter should only be disposed of by bagging and trashing or by composting.  Flushing … Read more

How to Dispose of Paper Cat Litter

White cat in small blue trash can

The most common way to dispose of paper cat litter is to scoop, bag, and throw in the trash — ideally using a plant-based, biodegradable bag. Composting is an environmentally friendly alternative for additive-free paper litter.  How do you dispose of paper cat litter? Disposing of paper cat litter, whether pellets or granules, isn’t much … Read more