Does Wood Pellet Cat Litter Smell? How Does it Manage Odor?

Pine branches on top of wood pellets

Wood pellet cat litter has a mild, natural smell, best described as warm and earthy. Pine pellets will smell crisp and sweet, like Christmas pine trees. Cedar pellets smell woodsy and smoky, like pencil shavings. The exact scent will vary depending on the type of wood. Their mild, natural scent and natural antimicrobial properties place … Read more

Wood Pellet Litter vs Clumping – the Hidden Dangers of Clumping Litter

Cute gray and white kitten in litter box with pellets

When comparing paper, pine, or wood pellet litter vs clumping litter, pellets are a much safer choice. Clumping agents like sodium bentonite pose health risks to cats and humans alike. Non-clumping pellets are a safe, eco-friendly alternative to clay cat litter. Clumping litter may be harmful to your cat Clumping agents are designed to bind … Read more

Wood and Pine Pellet Cat Litter – Guide and FAQ

Cat sniffing wood pellet litter

Wood pellet cat litter is made from compressed wood fiber. Usually pine, but other softwoods, hardwoods, and mixed varieties are common. Wood pellets are becoming increasingly popular as cat litter because of their ability to absorb moisture, control odor, and naturally suppress bacteria. Are Wood Pellets Safe for Cats? Carbolic acid, or phenol, is a … Read more